Why Flow Medium Is The Most Useful Acrylic Paint Medium

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Flow medium is the most useful acrylic paint medium because it alleviates the most common problems people face when painting with acrylics. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced acrylic painter, or come from an oil painting background, you've come across these problems. Here is a product that will help you navigate past them.
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Why Flow Medium Is The Most Useful Acrylic Paint Medium

Flow medium is the most useful acrylic paint medium, not because it’s multi-purpose, but rather because it alleviates the most common problems people face when painting with acrylics.

It really should be included in the beginner acrylic paint sets they sell. It would serve as to be the best way to guarantee, the ultimate introductory experience to painting with acrylics.

Whether you’re a beginner, or have been exploring acrylic painting techniques for a while now, or come from an oil painting background, you will identify with experiencing these problems. These are the things I’ve read people complain about, and also the things I’ve personally experienced, having been in all three of these situations now.

By the time you’re done reading, you will understand how good this product is and will want to add it to your list of essential art supplies.

You will thank me for alerting you to this product.

Well, at least that’s what I do every time I use it. I am forever grateful for the fact that I came across this acrylic paint medium in the first place. And specifically the Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium.

Why Flow Medium Is The Most Useful Acrylic Paint Medium // Moments by Charlie // Art + Fashion + Lifestyle + Photography // Made in Adelaide, Australia
Please note that this post is specifically about the Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium. There are other flow enhancer or flow improver options out there in other acrylic paint brands, however, this is the one I’ve fallen in love with, and the one that I keep multiple spare bottles of in case I run out.

6 Reasons Why Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium Is The Most Valuable Acrylic Paint Medium


Flow Medium Allows Your Paint To Glide Over The Canvas

The paint will feel smooth and light under your brush. It will no longer feel like you’re struggling to push the paint across the surface. So a loaded paint brush will apply with ease, rather than looking like you’ve just transferred coloured paint onto the surface.

I don’t know about you but I find it highly irritating when I load my paint brush, ready to get creative, and the paint runs out 2 seconds after. This is highly frustrating and annoying to the creative flow. Well at least for me anyway.


Flow Medium Allows You To Create More Acrylic Paint Types

It will allow you to convert your heavy body paints and soft body paints to behave (imitate) flow paints. Note that flow paints are not the same as fluid paints, fluid paints are MUCH more fluid than flow paints. So what this means is if you wanted to explore different types of acrylic paint, you could add the flow medium added, and achieve this. This will save you money in your experimentation rather than

Please note that flow paint is not the same as fluid paint. Fluid paints, like the Golden Fluid Acrylics, are MUCH more fluid than flow paints. If you’ve ever tried them, you will know that they are very thinned out (still highly pigmented). They remind me of food colouring.

So what this means is, you can explore different paint types by simply adding this acrylic medium. It means that one bottle of flow medium can be applied to a whole range of colours, rather than purchasing each color in the flow paint range. This will save you alot of money, especially if you want to try the consistency first before investing in a range.


Using Flow Medium Rather Than Adding Water Means No Loss Of Paint Color Intensity

If you have worked with acrylic paint, I’m sure you have tried the ‘add water’ strategy to help you apply it more easily onto the canvas. A touch of water may be okay, but I’m sure you’ve noticed that any more water, ends up losing the vivid intensity of the water. Using Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium instead means that the paint colour intensity stays the same, so you are only shifting the paint consistency.

So if you’ve added water to your paint, AND you weren’t aiming for a wash or transparent effect, then you need to be using a flow medium instead.


Flow Medium Gives You More Time To Work Before Paint Dries

It slightly increases open time, which means it takes just a little longer to dry. So now you can take a sip of your coffee whilst painting and not run the risk of the acrylic paint drying when you turn your back to the canvas.


Use Flow Medium To Create Poured Art

It can be used to create pouring art.

If you don’t know what poured art, or pouring art is, then I suggest you google it or search for it on YouTube. It is pretty cool. I highly recommend you try it.

You can also find some of my poured art pieces here on the blog. This is the first ever acrylic poured art I created, and this is one of the last ones I’ve created. I think it’s been about 10 months since I’ve last created one, but it’s definitely on my list for my upcoming art collections this year – along with resin art. The technique is the same, with the medium being flow medium for poured art, and resin for resin art.


Makes It Easier To Paint Canvas Edges

It will make painting the canvas edges seamless as it glides over the surface. No need for any cursing, as you fight the small surface area to paint and try not to get the paint over the top side of the canvas with your artwork on it.

Why Flow Medium Is The Most Useful Acrylic Paint Medium // Moments by Charlie // Art + Fashion + Lifestyle + Photography // Made in Adelaide, Australia
I hope this post has shown you that Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium can help you handle and eliminate the most nagging acrylic painting problems, and that you intend to try it for yourself in your journey of acrylic painting exploration.

I should probably state, if you haven’t noticed by all the bottles in the above photo, that I have a slight obsession with the Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium. Only slightly.

Make peace.

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  1. Ken Hildebrand

    Thanks Charlie. I fell in love with Jo Sonya Flow Medium in the early 2000’s. I wouldn’t work without it. The best description I was given on how the flow medium works, is that it breaks down the viscosity of the water in the paint. Viscosity is the characteristic of water molecules to want to bind together. The flow medium releases that tension between the molecules and allows them to relax, thereby creating an effortless movement in the paint. Apologies for the boring explanation, but it helped me better understand how the flow medium was working in partnership with my brush, to create the lines I desired. Thanks again. Regards,


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