Moments by Charlie - Journey of Creative Pursuits | By Charlie Albright - Abstract Artist & Surface Pattern Designer. Based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Journey of Creative Pursuits

Moments by Charlie

Welcome to Moments by Charlie –
the online home of South Australian Abstract Artist and Surface Pattern Designer
Charlie Albright

Moments by Charlie is my small creative business and represents the online resource I wish I had when I got started. Somewhere I could come to for advice, tips, how-tos, tutorials and instructions on how to achieve particular a creative technique or skill, and the place I could come to for creative business help.

Somewhere I could come to and rest assured that I wasn’t the only one in the world doing things this way in this new era of online creative businesses. Even just a little comfort that the path I had carved out for myself was the right path and made sense somewhere, somehow.

It wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t necessarily hard either (when you put it into the context of what life can throw at you). But it was a lot of persistent, relentless action, mostly without any hope or defined outcome in sight. And if you’re used to well-defined inputs and outputs, walking a never-ending series of unknowns, maybes, and what-ifs, is certainly no paradise, and it helps to have a place of comfort to shelter in.

So I hope this place serves to make your journey in creative pursuits and/or creative business, different from mine.

Let it be the place to come to, to read the words of a fellow creative like yourself, and to know that there is someone out there just like you.

Sure, we may do things slightly differently, no two can be the same.

But trust me, you’ll come to appreciate how much value and comfort ‘similar’ provides when walking an unforged path.

This place is for you if you feel lonely in your creative journey and want some company. Somewhere you can cosy up on the couch and access a wealth of information, and feel comfort and pride at the fact that your ideas are valid. That somewhere out there, there is at least one other person just like you, with a similar solution to the same obstacle.

You may want to explore a little creativity yourself. Or glean more of a behind-the-scenes look at an artist’s life. Or perhaps you appreciate visual art and recognize the difference surrounding yourself with art you love, makes to your mood and quality of life. Whoever you are, there is room for you here.

Again, welcome to Moments by Charlie – a journey of creative pursuits (yours and mine).


Charlie Albright

Abstract Artist & Surface Pattern Designer

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Each of the creative areas – painting, drawing & illustration, and surface pattern design,
are laid out such that, everything we offer – products, learning resources, and portfolio examples,
are included, but from the focused perspective of that particular visual art form.


Navigating via this section provides a painting/art only perspective of my creative world, where you can access a painting only portfolio of work, browse paintings available for purchase online, and learning resources and blog posts relating to painting.
Framed A3 Fine Art (Giclee) Print by South Australian artist Charlie Albright from Moments by Charlie. Artwork titled River Flow 7.

Drawing & Illustration

Navigating via this section provides a drawing and illustration only perspective with access to my drawing and illustration portfolio of work, products with drawings and illustrations available for purchase online, and learning resources and blog posts relating to drawing so you can begin or continue your own journey.

Surface Pattern Design

Navigating via this section provides a surface pattern design only perspective of my creative world.

Here, you can access my surface pattern repeats portfolio, browse products with pattern repeats available for purchase online on my online shop, and learning resources and blog posts relating to surface pattern design.

or if you’d like to explore all the creative areas

meshed into one but from a slightly different perspective, then you can do so
via the artist blog, online shop or the learn online sections below

Artist Blog

The wealth of knowledge and information contained within these blog posts, is for the fellow creative.

Or for the creative business owner, who is trying to make sense of it all.

Moments by Charlie - Journey of Creative Pursuits | Charlie Albright // Artist, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer. Adelaide, Australia. Artist Blog.

Online Shop

Browse and shop online for wall art, designer office stationery, home decor and lifestyle accessories.

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Learn Online

Online learning resources for painting, drawing & illustration and surface pattern design. This area includes blog posts, tutorials, how to guides and my personal recommendations for Skillshare classes.

It also includes online classes and courses I’ve created that you can access online.

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