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From this page on the Moments by Charlie website, you can navigate the website via drawing & illustration – one of the three core creative skills we focus on in our journey of creative pursuits.

Navigating via this section provides a drawing and illustration only perspective of my creative world, where you can access my drawing and illustration portfolio of work, products with drawings and illustrations available for purchase online, and learning resources and blog posts relating to drawing.

My drawings have a modern, illustrative take, as you’ve probably noticed if you’ve come across my modern florals and botanicals series. A fine art style of drawing is not really my thing. I feel like realism is best left to photos. So be prepared for anything hand-drawn from me to have a modern, stylised, illustrative feel to it.

If you’d rather see all of the creative visual art forms at Moments by Charlie, that is; painting, drawing and illustration, and surface pattern design, all meshed into one, then your best bet is to navigate via the top menu links of Portfolio, Online Shop and Learn Online instead.

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Some of my favourite drawing and illustration pieces I’ve created to date.


Modern floral and botanical drawings to add peace to your space.


Online resources for learning drawing and illustration.

Drawing for me started when I went through a period of time thinking that a ‘true artist’ had to paint realism. And to set myself up for painting realism (you can’t paint realism if you don’t draw realism right?), I decided that I needed to get the drawing part squared away.

To practice drawing, you need to be excited about what you’re drawing right? Well to encourage yourself to do anything, it needs to inspire you. So I set out to find subjects and sources to inspire my drawing journey…

But what kept happening was that, I kept gravitating towards a, what I call, a modern drawing style. Where the drawing was more intentional rather than realistic. Where the drawing was more about the style, and aesthetic, rather than an exact replica of the subject.

Because these pulls did not stop, I decided that I would let myself venture these roads a little bit. it seemed like the only way I was going to draw was if I let myself absorb myself in this fascinating new world I had discovered.

It was meant to be temporary.

It was just to get me into drawing.

But it forged something in me that can’t be undone. There are times where I feel like I ‘crave’ a drawing session in this style.

And the rest is history. I have absolutely no interest in drawing realism.

And just so it’s absolutely clear, I’m now owning my tastes and preferences, realism in painting or drawing is not my thing.

I’m wildly fascinated by abstract art and modern styles of drawing and I am ready to own that.



Drawing & Illustration Portfolio

My drawing and illustration portfolio focuses on my modern floral and botanical drawings, skewed by my favourites!

Drawing flowers and botanicals, in a modern illustrative line drawing style, is what I’m all about.

Shop Drawings & Illustrations

To browse and shop my drawings and illustrations on the online store, you can follow the link to shop drawings and illustrations.

This will filter all the drawing and illustration related products across wall art, office stationery, home décor and lifestyle accessories on the online shop.

Learn Drawing

Online learning resources for drawing and illustration include blog posts, free tutorials and my personal recommendations for Skillshare classes.

This area also includes online classes and courses on drawing modern florals and drawing modern botanicals.