Moments by Charlie | Charlie Albright // Artist, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer. Adelaide, Australia. Journey of creative pursuits in painting.

Journey of Creative Pursuits


From this page on the Moments by Charlie website, you can navigate the website via painting – one of the three core creative skills we focus on in our journey of creative pursuits.

Navigating via this section provides a painting/art only perspective of my creative world, where you can access a painting only portfolio of work, browse paintings available for purchase online, and learning resources and blog posts relating to painting.

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Charlie Albright

Abstract Artist & Surface Pattern Designer


Some of my favourite abstract art pieces I’ve created to date.


Bright, bold and colorful paintings to brighten up your space.


Online resources for learning to paint.

I’m drawn to an abstract and semi-abstract style of art, and this is the art style I love to paint in.

I’m not sure why I’m drawn to abstract art over any other art form. As much as I’ve ‘tried’ to appreciate realism, photorealism, expressionism etc. because it felt like the ‘right thing to do’ if you wanted to attach the title artist next to your name, it’s not my thing.

To be quite transparent here, my level of ‘try’, only includes conducting a ritual of forced time in front of a traditional painting, each time I visit the art gallery and trying to find things I could like about it. Sure I appreciate the effort the artist has gone to, to make it look realistic. I definitely admire the time, energy and willpower in the hours of painting but…

The other minor detail I should also include here is that I’m only able to conduct this ritual when I’m at the art gallery with my other half. He likes and appreciates realism. And because conducting my ritual means I get to stand next to him, I put myself through this process. Why wouldn’t you right?

Otherwise, I just walk right past these sections, like I’m on a mission to get straight to the good stuff – abstract paintings.

Well as fast I can get there anyway – you can’t walk too fast or too intentional in a gallery, it just gives away which parts you don’t like, and that makes me feel bad for everyone. So contemplative but directional is the right speed of pace.

Or maybe I’m drawn to abstract art forms because I’m also fascinated by design. Not necessarily that we’ve ‘discovered’ that design elements have an impact on human psychology but the fact that they do. It’s fascinating. And when artists and designers use design elements and principles intentionally to achieve a set intent – that is just the gold standard. I have so much respect and admiration for that.

The other thing about realism is that, I feel like the story portrayed in the painting is largely predetermined. And let’s hope that it’s a positive and inspiring story at that…

I enjoy standing in front of an abstract painting and coming up with my own story and my own feel for it. I’m drawn to being able to forge my own experience, and creating my own destiny and ensuring that it’s a positive one. With realism, I feel less likely to control the feelings the painting ignites in me.

Maybe this is way, I’ve made up these personal rules for myself about painting – to use happy and uplifting colours and to never paint if I’m in any sort of negative mood or state of mind.

All in all, my aim with painting is to enjoy the peaceful moments the painting process provides me and to uplift and brighten people’s homes and spaces with the colours I’ve used. If I can achieve this, then I’m content.

Painting Portfolio

The painting portfolio focuses primarily on my abstract art pieces, skewed by my favourites!

Bright, bold and colourful is my go-to style for abstract acrylic painting!

Framed A3 Fine Art (Giclee) Print by South Australian artist Charlie Albright from Moments by Charlie. Artwork titled River Flow 7.

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Learn Painting

Online learning resources for painting include blog posts, free tutorials and my personal recommendations for Skillshare classes.

This area also includes online classes and courses on abstract painting, colour mixing and abstract composition.