This is day 4 of 100 days of surface pattern design. I am implementing day 3 and day 4 with a physical day in between. And although it was only a day apart, I actually feel a little disconnected and need to remind myself where I was up to.

I know I was drawing by the end of session on day 3 but I need to remind myself why…

So the homework (well, one of) was to create 10 – 15  sketches of simple to medium complexity, to then digitise and use as motif elements in creating a surface pattern.

I am going to choose to focus on leaves and flowers again for this surface pattern design   collection because I really don’t feel I have exhausted this creative yearning to do so.

Personally, given my previous go at creating a surface design, I don’t think drawing 10 – 15 elements is enough. Perhaps it might be enough for a single design but to create a pattern collection, it definitely didn’t provide me with the ability to create enough design variations. I found it hard to come up with a second idea that was visually coherent with the first idea but still awesome on its own. Maybe it was a flaw with my approach.

Just to be safe, I’m going to draw more design elements than this. And the thing is if you don’t use them now, you can use them in the future in another surface pattern design.


Until next time,

Charlie x

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