The best strategy thus far in these 100 day projects has been implementing the project that seems like the biggest frog for the day. The frog presents itself with a variety of different thoughts…

Will I feel like it?

Will I feel too tired?

Will I be able to achieve what I want?

I think you have to realise which task has the biggest emotional cloud over it and head straight for it like a bulldozer. That’s the tip of the day for these 100 day projects.

Last time I ventured into surface pattern design, my theme was modern stylised flowers with a semi-whimsical feel to them. Digging through my tray of drawings, I had the hand drawings from this. And searching through my digital files, I can see that I still have my moodboards and digitised hand drawings as well.

I think I’m going to select this same theme again but not whimsical, so just stylised modern flowers, and use the moodboards to derive and draw new ideas.


Until next time,

Charlie x

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