Journal – Day 7 of 100 Days Of Abstract Painting

Blog post written by Charlie Albright
Journal entry for Day 7 of 100 Days of Abstract Painting following #the100dayproject. Continuing to analyse the images I've collected - following Flora Bowley's Intuitive Painting creativebug class.
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I was going to mix range of blues and greens from the colour moodboard I created. However I might hold off in mixing the colours until I progress to the top layers. Instead I will just paint with the colours straight out of the tube and lay down the hues and tones as they are. Something I rarely do.
Charlie x



Charlie Albright

The world: ignites in me, a sense of curiosity. My mind does not settle until it can comprehend, until it understands. For the physical world, creation has always been my enduring method of choice. For the spiritual world, all-encompassing practices like yoga and meditation, a belief in a higher energy, and writing have always been the soothing and balancing tools I have returned to, to re-ground myself. This is my journey of self-expression. Through written words and different forms of art. To my soul, my inner essence.

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