Time To Start Something New


Abstract Art Details

Titled – Time To Start Something New
Artist – Charlie Albright

As much as I support Brian Moran’s notion of a 12 Week Year, and understand the dangers of annualised thinking, it is still hard to ignore the behaviour of society around you and temporarily be sucked into the notion of starting new things in as the new year approaches. This is probably the first time where the title of my painting has something meant something different to me than it has intended for you.

For you, it is meant to encourage starting something new, and prompt you with the notion of time in order to add fuel to your start. And if that has naturally come because it’s a new year, then so be it. But really, I encourage everyone to adopt a shorter cycle of a year like the 12 Week Year, in order to make better gains towards your goals.

For me, this title actually is very specific about the colour palette I’ve used in this painting. This is a colour palette I’ve been exploring for the past few months on small works on art paper. It’s a new colour palette for me and has been a healthy encouragement to get out of my comfort zone.

Painted using a range of artist quality paints from Jo Sonja’s, Liquitex, and Mattise Flow, this large abstract painting is on a sturdy stretched canvas of size 122 cm wide and 76 cm tall. Equivalent to 48 inches wide and 30 inches tall. The canvas edge is gallery wrapped and has a thickness (depth) of 3.5 cm (1.5 inches).

There is also a video of the painting included in this product listing, further down this page.


Canvas Art Details

Abstract Canvas Art
Acrylic Paint
Width: 48 in (122 cm)
Height: 30 in (76 cm)

Canvas Edge: Gallery Wrapped 1.5 in (3.5 cm)

Ready to hang (hanging wire attached at back).


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