I’m Here Watching The Waves


Abstract Art Details

Titled – I’m Here Watching The Waves
Artist – Charlie Albright


This piece is titled ‘I’m Here Watching The Waves’.

I love the effect I’ve been able to create with this piece. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to use my favourite shades of blues and greens, and also tuck in a soft pink in the layers underneath.

Although it wasn’t my intention, this piece has turned out to remind me of the ocean and crashing waves. But that being said, I like the fact that, if I wanted it to seem purely oceanic I should have made the waves more consistently rolling horizontal, but yet I DIDN’T. I kept them as they are – mostly horizontal but with parts that are completely against expectation.

I’m so very happy with this choice because it represents my personality. Art is a wonderful invention – to the outside naked eye it seems just ordinary, but the choices we make as artists say so much about our personality when we take the time to observe.


Canvas Art Details

Abstract Canvas Art
Acrylic Paint
Width: 60″ (153cm)
Height: 48″ (122cm)

Canvas Edge: Gallery Wrapped 3.5cm

Ready to hang (hanging wire attached at back).

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