If you follow my Instagram Stories, you may remember when I started painting several canvasses with these colours. I didn’t mention it at the time but I was going through a period of doubt.

I wondered if my bright and bold colours of blues, greens and magenta were accessible to people. Hence why these pieces starting appearing.

So with thoughts of doubt of bright and bold colours, I decided to try my hand at an earthy colour palette. Something that could coordinate easily with a living area or lounge setting.

As I painted and harboured cloudy thoughts of whether bright and bold colours should stay or go, I still wanted to convince myself that there was hope. I wanted to reassure myself that yep, There Is Always Hope.

I can also be very stubborn. So even if there wasn’t hope, I would have made sure I created it anyway.

By the way, bright and bold colours are staying. They will always be my signature colour palette.

Charlie x


P.S. If you are obsessed with colours as I am and want to know what colours were used in this painting then here’s the colour list as well as some other art supply essentials.

Can you spot my favourite brand of acrylic paints? And how particular I am about my titanium white?

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