I love this artwork. To me, it’s perfect. It has an amazing colour palette and it has blended perfectly. If I could have imagined it before I created it, this would have been exactly it. However, the acrylic pour technique is not so kind and it doesn’t make it easy.

Not only is it hard to imagine such an output, it is also hard to control whilst making it. depending on the acrylic pouring medium you use, what you see once you have completed your artwork may or may not be what you see after it has had time to dry for three days.
The colour tones will change and become more vibrant. The blending of will continue for several hours after you have completed the art, especially if you don’t lay it on a straight surface (don’t do this!). And it will take a few days to dry completely.

However, the perfection I see in this piece is with respect to me. It’s my opinion and it’s been assessed by me and by my own metrics.

Although, this is a simple example, and tangibly this post seems about the artwork, what I want to touch on is a greater topic.

Measure yourself with respect to yourself.
Measure yourself with respect to your own ideals, goals and morals.
Then when you measure correctly, acknowledge that these are the goals you are striving for and you may fall along the way, so cut yourself some slack.

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