If you watch my Instagram Stories, you will know that I am currently obsessed with the knotting art of macramé. I love colour and texture, and I have found yet another surface to get creative with.

And although I have been obsessed with woven and knotted wall hangings for awhile, it was the macramé plant hanger that I wanted to try first.

Maybe because I also have an obsession with ceramics and pots, so creating a macramé plant hanger meant that I would get to utilise something ceramic… Somehow I always feel like my approaches sound topsy-turvy…anyhow…let’s continue.

So introducing to you this beautiful creation, my kick-ass macramé plant hanger. For a first project, I definitely feel I dove straight in, though really I couldn’t do it any other way. Growing up, surrounded with arts and crafts, things that are handmade come easily to me, so I think if this was too simple, it never would have been finished.

Macrame Plant Hanger With Blush Pink Plant Pot (Free Shipping)

And as always the creative process was definitely a journey in self-awareness, patience, learning to regroup after getting frustrated, and just persevering to the end.

It was tough.

Charlie x

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