When I first picked up Issue 08 of Art Edit magazine and saw the phrase ‘Living With Art’ I thought ‘hey that’s exactly what I want to do!’ and proceeded to flip through it. Little did I know at the time that this phrase was a philosophy of the magazine rather than an actual feature but I soon forgot about the search for the feature because what I found was much better than a single feature. It was pages and pages of things that were extensions of what ‘living with art’ meant to me.

This experience is personal to me and you or may not resonate with it, depending on whether you’ve ever read an issue of Art Edit, or not. This is my first issue and my experience with it is a little unsettled. As I write this I keep picking it up and holding it in my hands trying to figure out what to do. Do I want to keep it in its pristine condition and slide my hands over the cover and feel the smooth, glossy texture? Or do I want to pull all the pages apart to hang up my favourite pieces above my desk? Do I, in fact, need two copies of this issue?

What Living With Art Means To Me

For Art Edit magazine, living with art means to find art that you love. Buy it. And hang it. To me, it means surrounding myself with artwork that inspires me. That excites me to create another piece.

Living with art means to me collecting names of artists whose artwork I find amazing so that I can googly-eye at their work in amazement. Or names of local galleries that I didn’t know existed – locations that are beyond the mainstream state museums and galleries.

Living with art also means to me finding new ways to develop as an artist.

What does living with art mean to you? Do you resonate Art Edit magazine‘s philosophy or do you have your own perspective on it?
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