Hello and welcome to a new year!

First order of business for the year is this fresh wallpaper for January 2020, available free to download.

I’ve tried my best to cater for the most common screen resolutions and aspect ratios for desktop (monitors), tablet and smartphone.

You can use the website what is my screen resolution to determine your particular device details. Simply click on the link (from the device you want to download the wallpaper for), and it will display what your device characteristics are. Then simply come back here to download the correct option for you.

If you have any problems, or if you can’t see your particular settings listed, please feel free to contact me at hello@momentsbycharlie.com and I’ll do my best to cater for your device and get back to you in a few days.

If you catch this blog post a little after January 2020… but would still like to use the wallpaper, then contact me anyway. I should still have the Illustrator file.. you know.. being a hoarder of working files and all.. probably the best hoarding habit on the planet.

Can’t see your device and don’t want to contact me… (though I don’t bite).. you can try to download something pretty close to what you need and see how that looks. You might be lucky.

Don’t forget to check back in next month for the February 2020 wallpaper download. However until then there will be lots of weekly little bits of content added to the website and online shop, so I’ll see you then.

Oh and I nearly forgot, the second order of business (and this is the more important one), after you’re done reading this post, get up and do one action to put you closer to your goals. One small action. Not feeling it? Halve that ‘one small action’ you thought of but hesitated at. Still not feeling it? Keep halving your idea, until you’re confronted with an action so small that it would be silly not to do. 




Lots of love and happiness to you (and everyone),

Charlie x

P.S. This is the part where you’ve finished reading this post and are about to get up to do that one action. Go do it.