Drawing tip

Wash your hands well and dry them thoroughly before beginning a drawing session. You will regret making marks on your drawing paper that you just can’t erase. And trust me no amount of Derwent sort art eraser will save you either. I’ve been there.

Foundation does not rub out. Dark grease marks that you have no idea how you got on the bottom of your palm, also don’t rub out.

Even if you think you don’t need to clean your hands because these are ‘just drafts’ or you’re ‘just sketching’. You never know when a drawing will turn out to be a great drawing that you want to finalise.

You can use washing hands as a process ritual to tell your mind, hey it’s time to draw, and get yourself in the zone. So, it’s a win-win, all around.

Drawing tip

If you’re drawing a hibiscus, and you haven’t noticed already, it’s only the outer edges of the petals that need to have wiggly lines. For the portion of the petal that is in the centre/flower face, they are more s curves.


Charlie x

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