Set Aside Time To Get Things Done

I think the biggest thing I’ve realised today is that setting aside time for something is exactly that. Just setting aside time to “work” on it, with the background belief that the more time you spend on it, the more you’ll get done of it overall.

Be careful here also that this doesn’t mean that this magnitude in time has to be continuous and come in the one hit. My biggest tip with it is that it just has to be regular enough of a time interval that you remain excited and motivated about it. And not because it’s the latest cool fad to be excited and motivated about your goals, but so that it remains almost at the forefront of your mind, but essentially at the back of your mind (just not buried deep down in your soul), so that your mind continues to work on it, think about it, contemplate new ideas about it, whilst you “physically” work on something else. So essentially you are getting more done because your mind is working on more things than your physical body is at any single moment in time.

Somewhere along the way in setting aside time for something and timetabling areas into my day, I switched (unintentionally) from “working on it” to “must get my to-do list for this area done in this session”. And if you are self-aware (even subconsciously) of the length of your list and the average amount of time each item can take, then the thought of a set amount of time for something is definitely going to induce stress.

What I’ve realised today is that I need to keep reminding myself that these scheduled times are just “work” slots and they are there to ensure that each important area gets attention. perhaps not the entire attention it needs and deserves in the one hit, but something, even with just a fraction. of course, this is with the trust and faith that on a holistic and greater overall level, these little fractions will someday result in a whole.

Moments by Charlie | Creative Lifestyle Blog
Moments by Charlie | Creative Lifestyle Blog