Recently I wrote about painting on multiple canvases or surfaces at the same time as a great remedy for the artist who has so much to say and express and can’t fit it all in a single artwork. Writing that post got me thinking about just the generic example of that dilemma. About the person, not the artist, that feels like they have so much to say but not enough opportunity to express it. The person that feels frustrated of not being understood.

Can you picture this person? The image of this person popped into my mind as I completed that post about the artist. Then it made me realise something about this person, the average person.

They think that they have to express themselves, say everything they need to, all in the one go.

In the one opportunity, in the one conversation, in the one day.

Why can’t they just spread it out? Just like the canvasses.

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I think this is an interesting perspective on the situation or problem of feeling like you’re not being heard. Perhaps we have to realise that we have more than that single instance to have our say, to express ourselves.

It sounds like a sure way to save yourself pent up frustration, anger and resentment towards the world and you will probably end up articulating yourself more coherently because you’ve had more internal practice leading up to it.

The aim not to have your say and express yourself your passion right? Not just be audible.

Charlie x

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