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January 2020 Free Wallpaper Download

First order of business for the year is this fresh wallpaper for January 2020, available free to download. I’ve included options for desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. If you can’t find the option for you, contact me and we’ll see what we can do. By the way, the artwork is a modern floral surface pattern design I created a few weeks ago.

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Studio Log 01 – Preparing Modern Leaf Illustration Print Design Concepts

I’ve got a couple of hours up my sleeve this evening. My intent is to work towards finalising the release of some prints of modern leaf drawings/illustrations. Last Saturday, I released the original drawings of these modern leaf drawings on my online store, as well as on Bluethumb and Etsy. What I also want to do is also release the versions of these leaves that I have been working on in Adobe Illustrator.

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Experimenting With A Soft Colour Palette

Yes, that time has come when I have gone mad and decided to experiment with a soft and muted colour palette. I’ve resisted the temptation to use my favourite colours of phthalo blue, torquoise and magenta, and gone ahead and tried to keep it very soft and blended. There’s no need to worry. I will never give up my bright and bold colours.

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All About The Phthalo Blue

This story is about putting in place a handful of strategies to ensure that you paint in a soft colour palette, but forgetting about the power of intuition, creative flow and instinct.. and then painting with your favourite colours anyway. Every piece craves some phthalo blue and torquoise.

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Macrame Plant Hanger

If you watch my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that I’m currently obsessed with the knotting art of macramé. I love colour and texture, and I have found yet another surface to get creative with. And although I have been obsessed with woven and knotted wall hangings for awhile, it was the macramé plant hanger that I wanted to try first.

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Create Your Own Stylised Stock Image For Framed Art Prints – For Creative Makers & Sellers

If you’re a creative maker selling art prints, then this is for you. It may seem more time-efficient to find a stylised stock image from another Etsy seller, but if you just can’t find something that’s perfectly on brand and inline with your audience, then save yourself time from endless browsing, and create your own stylised stock images. In whatever frame size, orientation, and as much or as little feminine as you like.

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When Planning Stifles Your Creative Flow

When planning stifles your creative flow, especially in painting, then just ditch it. If planning is only stopping you from making progress on the task you want to focus on, then it’s completely missing the point. Maybe you’re just not ready to plan this task yet, maybe planning is just not that logical next step in your progress. Come back to it, if and when, it’s appropriate.

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Why I Named My Painting There Is Always Hope

With thoughts of doubt of bright and bold colours, I decided to try my hand at an earthy colour palette. Something that could coordinate easily with a living area or lounge setting. As I painted and harboured cloudy thoughts of whether bright and bold colours should stay or go, I still wanted to convince myself that there was hope. I wanted to reassure myself that yep, There Is Always Hope.

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