Quote – “Hold the vision, trust the process.”

Blog post written by Charlie Albright
Quote - Hold the vision, trust the process. A very powerful concept for creative, artists, and those who constantly juggle multiple tasks. It's a helpful concept to keep in mind, especially when you find yourself questioning whether you're actually on the right path.
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Hold the vision, trust the process.

- Author Unkown

It’s a simple quote. Yet, if you stop and think about it, like really think about it, it’s quite a powerful and inspirational quote.

It’s a short quote. It doesn’t have too many words. Reading it, is not the usual experience of reading a quote. Usually, with a longer quote,  you have a few more seconds, and you have time to capture the sentiment behind it as you’re reading it. Whilst reading it, you have time to digest it, understand it, absorb it. But with this quote – it’s kind of over soon after it begins.

For these types of short quotes, you need to stop and repeat it back to yourself several times, almost like repeating an affirmation during meditation or a healing code session, until you understand it. Until you truly absorb it.

And then what follows is great clarity. And inspiration. And motivation.

This is one of those quotes.

Quote - Hold the vision, trust the process // Moments by Charlie | Art + Fashion + Lifestyle plus Photography | Made in Australia

This is a powerful quote for creatives, artists or those who are involved in complex projects that have a lot of different elements at play and multiple items to juggle. Where you have so much, to-do type items,  before the future will look any clearer, that you find yourself wondering,

Am I doing the right thing?

Is this going anywhere?

Will I get there?

Will all this effort pay off in the end?

Is it worth it?

I think this is a very inspirational quote for those moments where you keep finding yourself wondering whether you are on the right path.

The quote, “Hold the vision, trust the process”, is a quote I recently shared on our social media platforms, though I think it deserves more than that initial social media post, which is why I wanted to create a blog post for it. I like to share 3 to 4 quotes on social media a week. One at the start, middle and end of the work week, and another at the start of the weekend. These are times where I feel I most need positive encouragement and reinforcement, and hence these are the times I like to share it with all the people who connect with us on our social media platforms.

Have a lovely day.
Moments by Charlie Albright | Art (Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting) + Fashion (Sewing, Fabric Manipulation) + Lifestyle (Mindful Living) plus Photography | Creative Lifestyle Blog | Made in Adelaide, Australia

Charlie Albright

The world: ignites in me, a sense of curiosity. My mind does not settle until it can comprehend, until it understands. For the physical world, creation has always been my enduring method of choice. For the spiritual world, all-encompassing practices like yoga and meditation, a belief in a higher energy, and writing have always been the soothing and balancing tools I have returned to, to re-ground myself. This is my journey of self-expression. Through written words and different forms of art. To my soul, my inner essence.

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