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Moments by Charlie

Moments by Charlie is the virtual home of creative Charlie Albright.

The place where she shares her journey of creative pursuits with the rest of the world.

Moments by Charlie is the virtual home of creative Charlie Albright (that’s me!).

It’s the place where I have the opportunity to share my journey of creative pursuits with the rest of the world.

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m techically inclined (I love my math, analysis & coding), as well as being creatively inclined. I joke that if I can make it with my hands then I’m sold on the task.

But I think the reality is, I simply enjoy thinking, problem solving, learning, analysing and creating. And I’m blessed that I can apply these to a wide spectrum of domains.

So with the blog, online shop and freelance services – it’s a blend of everything that’s me – creative & technical.


I love to write, or should I say, express myself in writing. I always have. I was always the kid that kept a journal or wrote creative stories. Writing is my way of thinking. And thinking is just so fun and fascinating.

If you take the time to slow down and absorb yourself in your thoughts, there are some crazy and funny things that happen in there. And that, I quite enjoy.

So the blog section is mostly for me. But if you like reading, then this could really work out. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and relax.

Online Shop

This is the place where my visual-based creative pursuits are available to you. It’s the place you can browse and let the colours captivate your interest and imagination. One of my personal core values, and inherently one of the core values of Moments by Charlie, is happiness.

Absorbing myself in the creation process brings me serenity, and seeing where the creative process leads to brings me happiness.

If allowing these pieces into your home or sacred space brings you joy and happiness, then we have the perfect match.

Freelance Services

This is the place where I get to put on my technical hat.

This means that I have the opportunity to transform my aptitude and formal education in software engineering to web technologies, my professional experience as a data analyst into critical thinking skills for strategic planning and analysis in the online marketing space, and my personal creative skills into something aesthetically pleasing to share with the world.

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