If you’ve seen the artwork Blue Clover, then you may understand why the artwork Blue Clover’s Friend has its title. These two pieces were created, side by side, at the same time, to utilise the same paint colour palette.

Painting multiple art pieces at the same time feels like an organic and natural evolution in my painting process and journey as an artist.

As much as people say acrylic paint dries much quicker than oil paint, acrylic paint does not dry fast enough for me, when I’m having a burst of creativity and passion in a painting session. I often feel like I’m waiting. And the consequence of not waiting seems to always end up in a mess of layers.

So working on multiple canvases at the same time feels like the ultimate antidote to an artist bursting to get their ideas down onto a surface.

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Painting multiple artworks at the same time also lends itself naturally to creating a coherent art collection. Using the same mixed paint colours across multiple surfaces, allows you to reflect the same mood across the different pieces without much effort.

And it’s also a great trick for any artist who suffers from overworking their canvas.

Or if you can’t refrain yourself from adding just a little something more to your painting.

Often this is because you have so much to say and you try to say it all on the one canvas. But unfortunately, the end result is bound to end up looking confused, messy and incoherent.

But by allowing yourself, essentially a larger surface area to paint on, you can express everything you want to say. And what you’ll end with is a collection of art pieces, rather than just a single artwork. It’s a win-win situation.

Charlie x

Abstract Acrylic Art On Paper – Blue Clover
(58 cm x 41 cm)

Abstract Acrylic Art On Paper – Blue Clover’s Friend
(58 cm x 41 cm)

Now I’d like to hear from you!

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