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Why I Named My Painting There Is Always Hope

With thoughts of doubt of bright and bold colours, I decided to try my hand at an earthy colour palette. Something that could coordinate easily with a living area or lounge setting. As I painted and harboured cloudy thoughts of whether bright and bold colours should stay or go, I still wanted to convince myself that there was hope. I wanted to reassure myself that yep, There Is Always Hope.

How To Find Your Next Sewing Pattern, The Exhaustive Approach

In order to find your next perfect sewing pattern use online sewing pattern like, and

Say Everything You Want To Say

Recently I wrote about the artist who has so much to express. Today it’s about the person, not the artist, that feels like they have so much to say but not enough opportunity to express it. The person that feels frustrated of not being understood.

Create Clear And Vivid Photos With Just 3 Clicks Using Adobe Lightroom Default Presets

You can easily create clear and vivid photos with only 3 clicks using Adobe Lightroom default presets. This is my go-to sequence to quickly edit the photos I use to post to social media. If I want to portray a particular mood or feeling, then I apply my VSCO presets after these to portray the style I’m after.

Latest Products

Abstract Fine Art Print – Citrus Love 2
by Charlie Albright

Abstract Fine Art Print – Isabella’s Son 2
by Charlie Albright

Abstract Fine Art Print – Pink Denim 2
by Charlie Albright

Abstract Fine Art Print – Summer Nightingale 1
by Charlie Albright