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The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project is a global art project. Participants choose an action to repeat, every day, for 100 days. Cool right?!

I’ve decided to take part this year, with my own set of 100 day projects. It’s recommended that you undertake one project, but I’ve chosen a few. Hopefully, the reason for this will become apparent, as you keep reading.

The art project targets people who are trying to create time for a creative project. Whereas my situation is a little different in that I operate my own creative arts business. And what I’m personally trying to achieve is a little different.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 100 day project, visit The 100 Day Project official page. There’s also a Q + A video by Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thomson you can watch that will give you a better idea of the project and recommendations for implementation.

Rather than participating, you are also welcome to observe my journey through the 100 day project by following the hashtags #creativebusinessmomentsbycharlie and #100daysofcreativebusinessmomentsbycharlie. These tags will be used on all my projects. For specific and individual projects, see their hashtags below.

Also, the official hashtag for the project is #the100dayproject. You can search Instagram for the hashtag to discover people all over the world that are participating in the movement.

100 Days of Creative Business Moments by Charlie

Elle and Lindsay of The 100 Day Project recommend that you undertake a single action, of about 15 mins, each day. This recommendation is for people who are finding it hard to make time for an art project. For people who spend the majority of their time working on other types of tasks. It’s an opportunity for them to sit down and be creative every day.

Given that my situation is a little different than the norm in that I have my own creative arts business, I’ve decided to make a few changes…

  • Multiple projects rather than a single project.
  • A series of tasks for the project, rather a single, simple, repeatable action each day.
  • Continue until the tasks are complete, rather than capping the time at 15 mins.
  • A day in my #100daysofcreativebusinessmomentsbycharlie project represents a single iteration. Rather than a calendar day.
  • Rather than skipping a day, follow what I’m calling a ‘rolling day’. This is where I keep doing the days, of each project until I’ve done all 100 days.
  • A completed day is not just an action completed and posted to Instagram. But rather a series of actions and tasks completed and posted to other platforms of my creative arts business I value. Like my website, blog, online shop and my additional e-commerce channels.

So I’ve given the 100 day project my own creative arts business twist. My intent is to inspire daily directed action, and to keep going. Even if I go mad whilst doing so. Because that just sounds like so much fun! And I’m not being sarcastic.

As I mentioned, my situation is different in that, being creative and practising every day is what I do for a living. Hence, if you find what I’m doing glaringly different than the official 100 day project recommendations, then this is why! And apologies for the eye-sore. But the movement is to serve as a healthy inspiration to us all to do the things we want to do and make time for them each day, so it’s all good!

My list of #the100dayprojects, their hashtags, and a summary of what they are all about for me, are shown below.

Rather than a single action taken in each project, there will be an action list undertaken instead. It’s the ‘action list’ that will be my ‘daily repeated action’ rather than a single action. Most projects will also be published as a blog post, so you will glean an idea of the action list for each project, as I mention them in the post.

100 Days of Writing Reflections

hashtag #100daysofwritingreflections

The Writing Reflections project is about writing down my thoughts and opinions, on various topics.

100 Days of Inspirational Quote Prints

hashtag #100daysofinspirationalquoteprints

The Inspirational Quote Prints project is about creating a wall art print that combines the wisdom and hindsight learnt and shared in the Writing Reflections project with an abstract artwork I’ve created as a wall art print. The inspirational print of each day will be made available to purchase via my online shop and the Moments by Charlie Etsy store.

100 Days of Abstract Painting Moments


The Abstract Painting project is about abstract painting in my favourite styles and using my favourite painting and mark making tools. To me, this is utter bliss. And you know? Why can’t I have a project that makes my face light up with utter excitement!

However, I do want to restrict the action to focus on either one favourite painting style, one favourite art tool, or one colour palette. I’ve yet to decide which. I really want to experience what it would feel like to have a creative task become monotonous. I think that will be a completely bizarre experience.

100 Days of Realism Landscape Painting

hashtag #100daysofrealismlandscapepainting

The Realism Landspace Painting project is as exactly as it implies. I will be painting a landscape, not in an abstract style, but in realism.

I’m not placing a restriction on the art medium, though it won’t be oil paint because it won’t dry in time, each day. Or in my case, in each iteration.

However, I do want to point out that I will spend time creating a realistic landscape painting, rather than completing a painting each iteration. So over a span of say, 10 days, there may be 1 landscape painting.

100 Days of Expressive Drawing


The Expressive Drawing project is about drawing expressively like they often do in mixed media work. So somewhere in between abstract and realism.

100 Days of Weaving Colours and Texture


The Weaving Colours and Texture project is another project that makes my face light up. I cannot wait to dive into this!

I love colour and colour combinations! And I love texture! And I will be combining both these in the form of woven wall hangings. Like seriously how exciting is that?!

100 Days of Hand Lettering Moments


The Hand Lettering project is similar to the painting realism landscapes project in the sense that the focus will be on the learning rather than an output of a hand-lettered font in each instance. In fact, I’m not sure whether I will end up digitising and creating fonts during the 100 days. At the moment, I see my focus to be solely on the art of hand lettering. With the font creation process after the 100 days. However, I’m not dismissing anything yet, as the learning may progress quicker than I had initially anticipated.

100 Days of Surface Design Illustration


The Surface Design Illustration project is about illustrating motifs, to eventually use in textile surface design. Like the Hand Lettering project, my intention is to convert the motifs to designs after the 100days. However, I will wait and see how the project progresses before I make a final decision on it.

100 Days of Minimalism Art


The Minimalism Art project is about my love of black. I love bright colours but I also love black. And let’s be honest, I love mark making. So this will be my opportunity to have an excuse not to use colour.

These will also be available as original artworks on paper.

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Otherwise, you can follow specific creative projects, by using the specific hashtags listed under the above headings.

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